Community Involvement

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My research is deeply engaged with local Kichwa language initiatives. I agree that notions of languages are indicative of, and usually subsumed by, larger struggles over what we could broadly, and euphemistically, term cultural debates.  With this acknowledgement, I offer that language initiatives provide one route of confronting systemic inequality that exists in Ecuador.  We are aware that ideologies about shared languages can, and frequently do, unify groups.  I hope that Kichwa revitalization initiatives will contribute to increased social organization by Kichwa individuals in Ecuador, especially as multicultural policies have gained popularity in Latin America. These ideologies drive my involvement with Kichwa educational programs and materials.


I am also committed to writing about my research for broader audiences, and I especially do so in Spanish. Please see the following links:

An editorial in El Universo, the oldest newspaper in Ecuador:

An article published on the Ecuadorian politics and culture blog Gkillcity:

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